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June 03, 2008


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I love the quilt idea. It looks like a quilt I could actually make and not screw up. Oh wait! It's a kids project:) You give me the best ideas! I'm ganna have to steal this one!


Nissa, you're quilt is beautiful!!!!
You did a great job.


great ideas all around!


I love this! I also love Nissa's name...since I, too, am named Nissa. I found you via Kids Craft Weekly (a link that my friend Megan has on her blog... she is at pennycarnival.typepad.com ). I will definitely be bookmarking your blog to see what little Nissa is up to next. : )


Now I get it! You didn't know my friend Nissa before. She found you through Kids Craft Weekly because of your daughter's name. I was thinking you two knew each other and she told you about my blog. I freaked out when I saw you write something about Nissa's birthday because I thought, "I missed my friend's birthday!" Come to think of it, I might have! Oh, no.
I hope this isn't confusing.
Anyhow, beautiful blog. I will read along, too.

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